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 Why choose Pro Hair Tape



  • Available in 4 colours:      Brown     ,     Pink      Black         Clear/Blonde     

  • Unique formulated hair tape which only bonds to its own surface, even if there are some hair products on the tape, it will not alter the function of the tape. Pro Hair Tape can be applied on wet hair or even hair with styling products. No tie or knots needed to achieve sleek finish for hairstyles.

  • Stretchability up to 4 times of its cut length, only as little as 2" (50mm) piece needed to firmly secure the base of ponytail. 


  • Offering ultimate comfort and zero damage to the hair. Pro Hair Tape only bonds to its own surface, no hair pulling and minimum tension on the scalp while creating your perfect hairstyle.

  • No more elastic, rubber bands, twisting and pulling hair out.


  • Perfect from simple clean ponytail to creative editorial and session works. Truly is hair tool for endless creativity.

  • Stylish and cool colours to unleash your creativeness. You Are Your Only Limit.

Simple 4 Steps

  1. Cut to length

  2. Remove protective film

  3. Gather hair

  4. Wrap Pro Hair Tape 

 See demo for more information

How to remove Pro Hair Tape

Super easy to remove, simply create tension by holding and pressing on on the tape, pierce the surface with tail comb or similar to release hair.

See demo for more information.

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